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About the Lusaamia language

Saamia, also known as Bagwe or Basamia is a language of Uganda.

It has over 521,000 users in Busia, Namayingo, and Bugiri districts; near Kenya border, Lake Victoria is southern boundary.

Dialects of Saamia include; Saamia (Samia), Songa and Gwe (Lugwe). It has substantial lexical similarity with Oluwanga, Olunyole, Masaba, Ganda, Luidakho-Luisukha-Lutirichi and Gwere. It is a member of macrolanguage Oluluyia.

Mother-tongue literacy not often taught in schools due to lack of materials in Lusaamia-Lugwe. Functional Adult Literacy was in progress but has come to a halt.

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- Revelation 3:20

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